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Asbestos Awareness  (Non-accredited)



This course provides information regarding the identification of asbestos containing materials in the workplace, understand the risks posed by asbestos and how to work safely in areas where asbestos may be suspected or confirmed. We draw on extensive experience in the identification and abatement of asbestos materials in a wide variety of industrial, office and home environments.

 Courses can be tailored to suit individual employers or groups and include relevant documentation and procedures.

 Course Objective:

To provide the participant with the knowledge to identify asbestos types, health hazards, legal requirements and applications.

 Course Outcomes:

Properties of asbestos

Identify asbestos types & condition

Health hazards

Identify uses of asbestos

OH&S requirements and hazard control


  1. Introduction
    • Origins of asbestos
    • Properties of asbestos
    • Common types of asbestos
  2. Uses of Asbestos
    • Common (past and present) uses of asbestos
  3. Health Effects of Asbestos
    • Possible health effects due to long term exposure to asbestos
  4. Company policies and procedures on how to handle identified asbestos in relation to the types of activities undertaken, ie, asbestos sheeting on buildings, asbestos lagging on piping or asbestos water mains, piping etc.
  5. Legislative Requirements for the Use and Removal of Asbestos
    •  Legislative and guidance material relating to the use and removal of asbestos
    • Employers' responsibilities under the legislation
    • Safe handling techniques and personal protective equipment



Nominal 3 hours


$120 per person plus GST


RIIOHS205A Control traffic with stop-slow bat

Safety on a work site is extremely important, and one of the main spots of danger on any site is traffic. Without proper traffic management, there can be a much higher rate of danger, accidents and even worse, the possibility of traffic death. Only by learning how to effectively manage traffic can work sites really be as safe as possible.



This course will help you to understand why traffic management is so important as well as how to keep yourself and others safe by managing traffic. You will also learn about setting up signage schemes, monitoring the flow of traffic, closing down and storing and maintaining the signage and equipment at the end of the day or project. The course also covers controlling of traffic with a stop-slow bat and includes: planning and preparing; coordinating traffic; operating radios; and cleaning up.


Not applicable.


1 day face to face


$220 per person plus GST